Medication Policy

The following guidelines are intended for your safety and meeting your medication needs in an efficient manner.

  • Choose only one pharmacy for all of your medications.
  • We do not prescribe long term medications. Patients requiring long term pain medication will be referred to a pain management specialist or back to your referring physician.
  • As of October 6, 2014, the DEA has moved Hydrocodone Combination Products to a more restrictive Schedule II class. As Schedule II drugs, patients must present a new script to the pharmacist each time the medication is filled. Therefore, Texas Neuro-Spine Surgery is no longer able to call in new prescriptions or refills for Hydrocodone.


  •  Medication refills are only handled during regular office hours.
  • Please allow three business days for us to process your refill request.
  • Prescription refills received at 3:30 may not be processed until the next business day.
  • Early refills will not be honored for any reason.


Controlled Substance Medication(s)

Dr. Michael understands that physical pain is interpreted differently among all of us and he is sensitive to the fact that many patients present with physically painful conditions. However, it is his duty as a physician to minimize harm to patients. Narcotic addiction is a national epidemic. Physicians have been placed on the front line of managing this epidemic and are held accountable. In order to protect patients and maintain his professional standing, Dr. Michael has established this policy for prescribing narcotics.

  • Narcotics will not be prescribed for chronic pain conditions; however, they can be prescribed for acute conditions at his discretion.
  • If you are under the care of a pain management physician, Dr. Michael expects you to disclose this information on your first visit. Failure to do so would violate your contract with your pain management physician.
  • Narcotics will be prescribed post-operatively for a maximum of six weeks depending on the type of surgical procedure performed.
  • Prescriptions for narcotics will be dispensed in accordance with the Texas Prescription Monitoring Program. They may not be “called in” to your pharmacy.
  • Your prescription history will be reviewed prior to the prescribing of any narcotic medication, pursuant to the Texas Prescription Monitoring Program.
  • If you are taking narcotics prescribed by a pain management physician, we will coordinate your post-operative pain medicine with that pain management physician.
  • Long-term pain medication needs will require a referral to another physician, such as a pain management physician or primary care provider.
  • No refills will be authorized after hours or on weekends. NO EXCEPTIONS. On-call physicians are not authorized to refill narcotic pain medication. You may be asked to come to the office to be reevaluated prior to receiving a refill.
  • Lost, damaged or stolen prescriptions will NOT be replaced.
  • All medications are to be used as prescribed. Adjustments or increases in the amount of medication should not be done without discussion with the prescribing provider.
  • Adverse reactions are to be reported to the physician’s office immediately.
  • Combining narcotic pain medications may have unrecognized or unpredictable interactions with other pain medications.
  • Operating heavy equipment or driving is not permitted when using narcotic pain medications.

This policy has been created to ensure the health and safety of our patients. We appreciate your cooperation.


Formulary Benefits Data Consent

Formulary Benefits Data are maintained for health insurance providers by organizations knowns as Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBM). PBM’s are third-party administrators of prescription drug programs whose primary responsibility are processing and paying prescriptions drug claims. They also develop and maintain formularies, which are list of dispensable drugs covered by a particular drug benefit plan. We may need access to your data as maintained by PBM’s to know what medications have been prescribed to you in the past, and to know which drugs are covered by your insurance plan. This consent will enable Texas Neuro-Spine Surgery to:

  • Determine the pharmacy benefits and drug copays for a patient’s health plan.
  • Check whether a prescribed medication is covered (in formulary) under a patient’s plan.
  • Display therapeutic alternatives with a preference rank (if available) within drug class for non-formulary medications.
  • Determine if a patient’s health plan allows electronic prescribing to Mail Order pharmacies, and if so, e-prescribe to these pharmacies.